Buying Guide – Choose your perfect Metal Gate

Secure and stylish gates for your home.

Choosing the right gate can help give you that look you've been looking for– as well as securing your entree to your property of course.

When contemplating what type of gate to get, think about its purpose. If it’s for the boundary of your property, needing to provide security for your children, vehicles and pets as well as privacy, you’ll presumably want a taller lockable gate with a beautiful design but not to open, so it still offers privacy. On the other hand, a front gate could be a smaller gate with a more decorative design which would be more appealing. – After all, this is the main entrance where you are inviting people into your home. When choosing a design, It's a good idea to consider your surroundings – your gardens theme as well as any fencing you already have. Do you want something subtle that blends in, or one that stands out and acts as a focal point?

Before beginning where's your gate going?

Depending on where you intend to fit your gates impacts the size and design. For example, you may want a tall, driveway gates for the front access to your property, but prefer a smaller garden gate with, more detail for your front garden.

Don't worry If you’re replacing what you have currently, you are not limited in width sizes as any new gate would have to fit between the existing posts. Maybe you’re starting from scratch and possibly looking to install posts. With a range of available sizes to choose from this is made easy.

Before buying, you need to measure the gap size (where you intend your gates to fit) not to worry about leaving space for posts and fittings as we work this out for you. These gates can be ordered online as set heights if you require a particular height then contacts us as we can make to order. Please ensure that you have left enough space from the underside of the gate to the ground for ground clearance, usually between 25mm-50mm

What way does your gate need to open?

When installing new posts, check which side you want or need the gate to open. Is there anything that you should consider? 

Metal Gates

Our metal gates are secure and robust while offering a more decorative look.

Metal Gates are:

A popular choice for driveways, gardens or other sections within your grounds. Zinc and powder coated to protect against rust and corrosion.

  • Available in a range of heights.
  • Made to measure in width
  • Bespoke designs
  • Included with the lockable lock latch
  • Included with latch post
  • Included with brackets and adjustable hinges

What you might need:

Once you’ve selected your gate, you need to think about posts and fittings

Gate posts

Gate posts are available in different sizes and can be added to your order.

Gate Fixings

All gates come with brackets and adjustable hinges, you can upgrade to a hinge post and self-closing hinges if preferred. Look for metal fittings that are galvanised to aid corrosion resistance. We recommend using stainless steel fixings.


For any gates that will be regularly accessed, a latch is an ideal way to keep it secure while ensuring that it’s not difficult to open and close daily. All our metal gates come with lockable lock latches supplied. 


Metal gates have a longer life than wooden ones, but you’ll still need to care for them over the years by covering up scratches or chips that could lead to rust. We suggest protecting with metal paints, as well as water-repelling treatments, for example: waxing them on a regular basis. 

How To Order a Designer Gate

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