Here we have some of the most popular questions about our gates, fences and screens. 

How secure and robust are your products?

We use one of the world’s most trusted gate hardware products for locks and latches, which are made to last. Using rust-free high tech engineering polymers and stainless steel components, we offer a range of locks and latches to suit many different needs which are all key lockable, adding to that all important security to your home and for your family.

All gate frames and fencing posts are made from robust metal box section. 

All gate and fence panels are made from strong steel plate which is laser profiled to a design of your choice. Both gates and fencing are zinc treated before painting. This gives all products outstanding protection from the elements which makes them very low maintenance and long lasting. Truly secure and robust. 

What products are available to order?

We offer a selection of metal gates in a wide variety of designs, all available in a made to measure sizes. To complement the gates, we also provide a range of matching designs in fencing, fence toppers and garden screens. These products are a set size but can be made to your particular measurements.

Please contact us for more details. Another one of our products is metal wall art, ideal if you are looking for something different to brighten up your home or garden. These products are a set size but can be made to your particular measurements. Please contact us for more details.

Are the fittings supplied as standard?

Garden gates and pedestrian/side gates are supplied as standard with one lockable lock latches, two adjustable eye hinges, two wall brackets and one latch post. However, if you wish you can upgrade to a hinge post and two self-closing hinges. 

Driveway gates come with one lockable lock latches, four adjustable eye hinges, four wall brackets and two drop locks. All fence posts come with m6 stainless steel fixing bolts. 

Metal wall art comes with two stainless steel wall brackets. As we cannot determine the structural integrity of the structure you are attaching to, we cannot provide wall or ground fixings without further information. If you require advice, please contact us. 

How are the products finished?

When it comes to finishes you have a choice:

Powder Coating

We use high-quality paints to add the finishing touch to your gates, fencing and wall art. With using the shot blasting method on all panels, frames and posts to create a good key for the paint to adhere. We hot zinc stray all products which give 98% protection compared to the 100% you get with galvanising but with none of the mess galvanising leaves behind. 

Finally, we apply a top coat of semi-gloss powder coating in a colour of your choice which provides you with a top quality product with a high spec finish which has excellent protection against the corrosion and if maintained properly can last for years to come. 

Hydro painting

If you are looking for that more personal look to your product you can use our hydro painting service, this is limited to size due to the size of the tank used in this process. 2m x 1m limit. It is the same process as detailed above in powder coating but with an extra coating of paint which adds a unique pattern or design to your product, from a wood grain effect to a marble look finish.

With this extra coat added it provides even more protection against corrosion. We choose the colour of the powder coating that goes with the design or pattern you choose.

How do I maintain the products?

We recommend every four weeks you wash your product using warm soapy water. Regularly applying wax to your product will make the product much easier to clean next time around, as well giving it more protection against the elements.

When cleaning your product check for scratches and paint chips. If you find any areas, you must treat with anti-rust paint. Leaving the exposed area would mean it will only get worse. Catching the problem early would stop the rusting and solve the issue. 

How easy are the products to install?

The ease of Installation depends on your ability. If you are comfortable and confident using a tape measure, drill, spirit level and small spanners, then installation should be a breeze.

However, even if you are a beginner, if you follow the methodology, then you should still achieve to same results. 

We would recommend if you didn’t feel confident to seek help from a professional. We also offer installation.