Our "Made to Order" Service

What Is Made To Order 

Made to order, is a business production that typically allows consumers to obtain products that are customised to their specifications. It is a manufacturing process when items are produced once we get confirmation of a customers order. This type of manufacturing is used in many sectors including industries such as fabrication, construction, aviation and vessel production, bridges, and so on. 

How Made To Order Works 

Made to order products will only be manufactured once the customer places the order, which creates extra wait time for the consumer to receive a product but allowing for more flexible customisation compared to acquiring stock items. 

The main benefit of having the option of made to order is the ability to purchase a product with the exact specification required by a customer. However, even though all of our products are made to order, not all of them are bespoke in the sense that some products can be purchased in set sizes. However, they can be made to order if you have particular specifications that you require. 

Key Points:

  • Made to order, allows consumers to purchase products that are customised to their specifications.
  • Made to order is a process in which the production of an item gives you more choice and access to more products.
  • Gives you something more unique that you can't get elsewhere as stock

Make to Order vs Stock Items 

Typical production methods produce products and stock them as inventory ready for customers to buys. This is known as make to stock. With stock items, you are limited to in choice. For example colours and size. With using made to order products, you eliminate these problems giving you more choice and freedom to purchase products that are tailored made to yourself.

Made to Order cost and timeliness 

The two disadvantages of made to order products are the cost and timeliness. If products are already in stock and sat on the shelf, then a customer does not need to wait until the product is made before delivery. Cost can also be a factor - pre-made and available products are all made to the same specifications, so manufacturing costs are lowered due to mass manufacturing. Made to order will usually be a little more expensive for the consumer with it involving customisable parts and finishes.

All of your products are made to order, giving you the freedom of choice when you purchase a product. We aim to delivery within 30 working days after the date of order this excludes weekend and bank holidays. For example, if you were to make an order after 12.00pm Friday, this wouldn't be processed till Monday morning. So the start of your 30 days would be from Monday.

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