Security Tips
Keep your property secure with our Metal Gates and Fencing

Tips for keep your property secure

The front and rear garden is the home's first line of defence against burglary and theft. Good security around the boundary of your property can deter burglars. Introducing metal gates and fences would act as a deterrent. Many people have a private alleyway down the side of your house, talk to your neighbour about installing a high, sturdy lockable gate. Buying a gate with a design that you can see through is an attractive option. This way is better as burglars don't like to be seen.


Driveway gates are an excellent way to keep people off your property and with car theft on the rise, by introducing a lockable barrier that will act as a deterrent to a thief.

Wrought ironwork increases the chance of someone climbing over. The way these are manufactured and designed provides hand or footholds that make it easier to climb up using the bars and scrolls.

Rear garden gates are usually the same height as your fence (1.8m).

If you can access the rear garden from the front of your home, we suggest that you continue the rear garden fencing (at 1.8m) along the sides of your home. Install gates in line with the front height of your property. 

Closed panel wooden gates offer greater privacy but allow greater concealment to a criminal in your drive or garden.

Open designed gates provide a little less privacy but decreases the opportunity for a burglar to conceal themselves.

When choosing a metal gate, pick a design that prevents someone from getting a hand or foothold to minimise the gap between the hinge and the gate.

Rear Garden Fencing:

You can Install 1.8m high fencing to rear gardens. Planning permission is not usually required, but it is always beneficial to check first.

Installing fencing close to the ground as possible to prevent an intruder crawling under it.

Secure fencing panels to the fence posts with bolts to prevent them from being lifted out. 

Keep your fencing or walls in good repair. Old and rotting fences or decaying walls are not only weak but may give the impression that your home may have other security issues.


Installing fencing to the top of a low wall may be a much cheaper option than building a brick wall higher. If this is something you may do, ensure that it is flush with the outside edge. This will prevent a criminal from getting any easy foothold.

Front Garden Fencing:

Adding low fencing to the front of your home implement a clear boundary to your property. It can make it more challenging for anybody to claim that they are on your property by mistake.

Check with your local planning office first before installing a fence or wall.

We recommend that any walls or fencing to the front of your home does not exceed 1m in height. Higher fences reduce visibility and can be counterproductive.

Gate Furniture & Locks

Here's a few tips to make them secure:

Place hinges to the inside of the gate if possible.

If you are using a drop on, two-part hinges on metal gates, reverse one hinge so that the gate cannot be lifted off.

Gates should always be fitted with a good quality security lockable lock.

Ensure any furniture on the post is fitted correctly and secured using strong fixings.

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